Double Column Machining Center

    Features of Double Column Machining Centres:

  • Excellent structural rigidity
    Cast iron components use FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to optimize rigidity and anti-vibration properties. Prevents cutting resonance, prolongs tool life and increases workpiece accuracy and production capabilities.
  • Powerful soindle, high cutting capabilities
    The BT50 spindle, diameter 100mm, coupled with class P4 precision angular bearings reaches 6000rppm. High torque spindle motor with 1:4 precision high/low speed gear box satisfies cutting requirements in all fields with sufficient horse power and torque.
  • Optimized feed structure system
    Three axes coupled with class C3 precision ball screws Properly pretension from the ends to reduce thermal displacement.
    Absolute value coordinate system eliminates structural complexity.
    Ballscrews are specially designed with anti-ram protection devices on the ends.
  • Optimized feeding system
    X, Y, Z axes are coupled with heavy duty, high precision class P linear guideways, with 0.003~0.005 mm low friction, low viscosity, optimizes high friven sensitivity and increases great dynamic accuracy.