Company Profile

CNC-TAKANG is one of the leading machine tools manufacturers in Taiwan. We have offered comprehensive range of metal working machinery since 1973. We are efficiently organized with top engineers with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. In order to satisfy ever-changing machining demands, we always devoted ourself to developing new prodcuts and striving for innovative R&D.

Delivering the best quality machines is our promise for all clients. Mostly of our machines are well inspected before delivery.

Our goal is to provide the most stable quality prodcuts and quick services for customers.

CNC-TAKANG main products:


  • Heavy Duty CNC Lathes (Slant & Flat bed)
  • Precision CNC Lathes (Twin Spindle/Twin Turret, Swiss Type)
  • Teach-In CNC Lathe
  • Conventional Lathes
  • Vertical CNC Lathes
  • CNC Multi Axes Lathe

  • Machining Centers:

  • Vertical Machining Center (VMC)
  • Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC)
  • Double Column Machining Centre
  • High Speed & 5 Axes Machining Centers
  • Tapping Center
  • Horizontal Boring Machines
  • History

    1973 Takang Industry Co., Ltd. start to produce conventional lathes & milling machine
    1983 Introduced first CNC lathes
    1986 The first manufacturer in Taiwan with FMS system Built FMS system for FORD Automobile factory / Taiwan
    1990 Vertical machining center on production line
    1991 The first manufacturer in Taiwan with 6 axes control CNC lathes
    1992 Taiwan CNC machines number one exporter for West Germany
    1994 Re-organized in the new name of CNC-TAKANG CO., LTD. ISO 9002 approved
    1995 CE mark approved
    1996 Teach-In CNC lathes
    1997 Heavy duty (Flat bed) CNC lathes
    2000 Heavy duty (Slant bed) CNC lathes
    2002 Start with High speed machining center
    2004 Double column machining center
    2005 Swiss type CNC Lathes
    2007 CNC Lathe with Y axis
    2008 5 axes Machining center
    2010 New CE mark approved
    2011 ISO 9001 approved
    2012 Super heavy duty CNC lathe FA-H series
    2013 New double spindle double turret with C & Y TNC-210 series
    2015-2016 CNC Lathe with auto loading / unloading + auto measuring system Heavy duty CNC lathe with milling attachment + Y axis + B axis and grinding (customized)